“I watched Connie diligently develop her presentation during the course of a year, and I wondered what the final product would be.  When I saw it for the first time, I was blown away with the thought-provoking and emotionally-laden content.  It was well pieced together and flowed with an interlacing of music, costumes, visuals and lighting.  Connie’s journey of enlightenment and her deep commitment to healing the world is authentic.  Her stories touch the heart and soul of the audience creating interaction and a time for personal reflection.  If my testimony is not strong enough for you, ask her first audience, they gave her a standing ovation.”  Keith Kirkpatrick, President/CEO, South Shore Leadership Center

“I observed  Connie Kann present her “Be Inspired…A Revival of Hope” to the South Shore Leadership Center’s youth leadership program for high school students.  The presentation is a combination of music, theater, and video with a large dose of audience interaction.  Connie is an articulate storyteller as she had her audience of about 50 high school students mesmerized from the start.  The presentation highlights parts of her life story, interwoven with costumes, props, inspiration, positive life messages, and, yes, even group karaoke.  I was emotionally moved by the presentation and by the reaction of the high school audience.”  Jim Jessup, Facilitator, Leadership La Porte County

“Connie Kann’s presentation, “You Are a Gift!” delivers gentle life lessons in a positive way. Those in the corporate, school or philanthropic sector would be well served with Connie’s upbeat delivery of thought-provoking messages. Connie’s charm and sincerity capture the attention of all who attend her ‘life’ class. You are sure to leave with a happier heart and mindful medicine for your soul.”  Jane Bomberger, Director of Donor Relations, Ancilla Systems Incorporated

“Thank you for coming to Ancilla Systems to share your amazing program with my staff. I loved the music and the visual effects….that help me relate and remember as an adult learner. The presentation was very enjoyable and thought-provoking. You touched on some real learning scenarios that our staff could relate to and will hopefully step back and think about in their own lives. We were all inspired!”  Toni Mola, Administrator, Ancilla Systems Incorporated

“Connie Kann’s seminar was both inspirational as well as thought provoking. Not only a spiritual tour, but Connie gives us the tools to control our lives, happiness and destiny. Her insight touches all generations and genders. Calling this event a “Reality Check” would truly be an understatement.”  Ted Skup, author of Death, Taxes & Push-ups

“Thank you to Connie for an outstanding presentation. I am sure that all the attendees, like me, were truly inspired by the message that was delivered. My spirit was truly touched!”  Len Ayers, Jr., Director of Food & Nutrition Services, St. Mary Medical Center